I’ve been sick and had some time to think — and I think I’m going to make a new start with my blog for Easter.

Originally, I started this blog because sometimes I have things I want to write about that don’t necessarily fit at other sites I write for, like Associated Content.  I figured that this might often include religious and spiritual subjects, and so my blog title became “What’s the mission?”  This refers in one way to my mission in life — what is my mission?  What would God have me do?  What has Christ called me and other Christians to do?  It’s also a reference to a quote I heard elsewhere from a soldier in Afghanistan — what’s the mission?  What are we doing here?

Since then, however, I’ve basically written about whatever’s on my mind at the time — sometimes religion, but also politics, kids, writing, and just plain silly stuff.

I’m still reserving the right to post whatever I feel like posting, but my plan now is to focus on Christ, and how Christ’s teachings relate to the world today.  I’m going to start by going through the gospel of Mark (a challenge from my husband), and writing about my journey.

That may still lead me to write about things like immigration, English-only,  and the presidential election.  It may even lead me to be silly occasionally.   Whatever happens, I’m sure the journey will be fruitful.