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I’m no longer Catholic, so maybe I have no right to speak – but I do find Pope Benedict’s record and recent actions troubling. His latest? He’s reinstated four bishops who were excommunicated by Pope John Paul II because their consecrations were unauthorized and performed by another controversial bishop (now deceased).

For the most part, I had a great deal of respect for Pope John Paul II, so that raises a red flag for me right there. But in addition, one of the bishops, Richard Williamson, has made clear statements as recently as November 2008 saying that he doesn’t believe that 6 million Jews were actually deliberately killed in the Holocaust.

You can read an article about it in the New York Times.

According to my stats page, someone found my blog by searching for “how to find a good catholic husband.”

That’s awesome, because I actually have the answer to that one, as given to me (unsolicited) by a priest when I was 23 and unmarried: Pray to Saint Joseph for a good husband.  It’s as simple as that, folks.