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Nope, still no Golden Compass entry. I wrote this one a while ago, and it’s been sitting on my flash drive, waiting for me to upload it. Enjoy. Or don’t. 🙂

A popular Christian contemporary song says that “God is in control,” and that is a comforting statement for many people. So many bad things happen (or even just little, frustrating things), that it’s comforting to think that it wasn’t really our fault, or that God will bring good out of whatever happens.

On the other hand, a popular home organization specialist, Marla Cilley (the Flylady) advocates getting control of your home, your finances, and your body. “Flybabies” who embark on her program even create a Control Journal to organize their lives. The idea seems to be that if you can control things, life will be better.

So, which is it? We’re all familiar with the term “control freak”, so we do recognize that trying to control everything isn’t optimal. But, if we relinquish all control, make no decisions, and do nothing all day, life doesn’t work out so well either.

As a Christian, I do put things in God’s hands. I seek daily to know and do God’s will for my life, even in seemingly minor things like housework. I don’t, however, see God as a puppetmaster, controlling everything that happens in the world. I mean, if he were doing that, he ought to be doing a better job!

So, when I’m worried about where next month’s rent is coming from, do I do nothing and figure God’s got it well in hand?

Nope. Really not comfortable with that. I’ve read books by people who are comfortable with that, and seem to have amazing results to prayer. With me, I either don’t have sufficient faith for that, or it just really doesn’t work that way for me. I suspect that even in those miracle situations there’s really more to it than “we prayed, we received money.” There’s some kind of action involved as well.

I do, however, lean on God for support and for guidance. I make time to pray, and listen, and just to be at one with God. And then I try to take whatever action I feel God is leading me toward. Well, actually, that’s on good days. On less than good days, I take matters fully into my own hands, and usually end up frustrated and anxious.

Now, what about the Flylady? I do, in fact, use her system (or at least pieces of it). Is it wrong to try to organize myself and control my life this way?

Only if I overdo it, I think. The routines are helpful, but I also have to be flexible, and not sweat it if a crisis occurs and I can’t get everything done. In fact, Flylady emphasizes this – we have to let go of our perfectionism. If we get behind, we shouldn’t try to catch up, but just jump into the routine wherever we are.

I think God’s probably OK with that, and I am too.