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Yesterday I attended a memorial service for a great lady who had been married for 58 years. At her request, her husband got up to speak at the end about their 58 years of marriage.

“About 58 years of marriage – what I’m going to talk about is the anger.”


He went on to say that in 58 years of marriage, there is plenty of anger. But over the last three weeks of her life, there was only love. And that there will be times of anger in any marriage, but that’s OK.

I know that sometimes a marriage really does need to end. But for most of us, this is real wisdom.

Bonus: Read 1 Corinthians 13


According to my stats page, someone found my blog by searching for “how to find a good catholic husband.”

That’s awesome, because I actually have the answer to that one, as given to me (unsolicited) by a priest when I was 23 and unmarried: Pray to Saint Joseph for a good husband.  It’s as simple as that, folks.