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Our upstairs bathroom doesn’t have a shelf, vanity, or any kind of flat surface near the sink.  In fact, due to less than brilliant planning by the landlord, the entire wall from the bottom of the mirror to the floor is tile, so we can’t even attach a shelf to it.

So I have to use the downstairs bathroom to put in and take out my contact lenses.  And because my eyes are too bad for me to take a shower without glasses or contacts, this means that in the morning I gather up all of my clothes and take them downstairs with me, where I put in my contact lenses, take a shower and then get dressed in a tiny bathroom instead of in my bedroom.

The task is so daunting that often I just sit on my bed and stare at the floor instead.  Or, I decide to forget about showering and just get dressed and go downstairs.  It isn’t a good morning routine.  I’ve been letting this paralyze me so that I’m not doing things that I should be doing, or so that I end up rushed, harried, and constantly late.

There are a number of possible solutions:

  • Find a way to install a shelf in the upstairs bathroom.
  • Do a better job of picking out my clothes in the evening, so that all I have to do is grab and go.
  • Shower in the evenings instead of in the mornings.
  • Get Lasik surgery and forget the contact lenses
  • Tell myself to just suck it up and do it because it’s not that big a deal.

And I’ll be implementing one or more of those in the weeks to come.

But I’m wondering whether this is happening in other parts of my life as well.  Am I letting little things stop me from doing what I should be doing?

For instance, in my spiritual life.  We’ve basically left the institutional church at this point, and we’re not attending a church service on a regular basis.  We’re working out what it means to live our faith in the world.  But I do need to establish some routine of spiritual discipline for myself, to keep myself grounded in God.  I haven’t been doing that.  It’s too hard.  Mornings are awful, days are full, and by evening I’m often so tired I just crash into the recliner and stay there.

What are my options?  I’m not totally sure yet.  Perhaps:

  • Find some very short devotional or set of prayers for morning – something with which I don’t have to think too much, because I do not think well early in the morning.
  • Establish a family devotional time in the evening.
  • Start of program of reading spiritual books and writing about them (since I can obviously manage writing)
  • Work on being mindful of God and of what I’m doing throughout the day.

And again, I can probably use more than one of those in the weeks to come.