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In Mark 6, Jesus visits his hometown. He goes to the synagogue and teaches, and everyone is flabbergasted. They can’t believe that he has all this wisdom, and they’ve heard that he even heals. Who does he think he is? He’s just supposed to be one of them!

I can just hear them saying, “Elitist freak! Why doesn’t he get a real job, like his brothers?”

Sigh. Sometimes, we just can’t stand anyone being a little smarter, or a little richer, or maybe just a little different. I’m guilty, too. I do tend to resent people with more money. Why should they have more? And why do they spend it the way they do?

Jesus tried to heal people in his hometown, but he wasn’t able to help many, because of their attitudes. Likewise, if I have a resentful attitude toward some people, I can’t be healed. I can’t be made whole and healthy, because I’m holding on to that resentment. I can’t have whole and healthy relationships with those people, either.

But if I’m willing to listen, both to Jesus and to those whom I might resent, maybe there’s a chance for me.